Hosemann talks solutions to Bonnet Carre Spillway

Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann held a press conference in Gulfport this afternoon on the impact of the Bonnet Carre Spillway.

The spillway was opened twice this year, causing significant impacts in the Mississippi Sound. The freshwater intrusion from the repeat openings of the spillway are creating a surge in blue-green algae blooms, deadly effects on marine life, and creating a harmful environment for tourists visiting area beaches.

Hosemann, who also serves as land commissioner, met with Coast leaders today to talk about possible solutions to this growing issue.

“That’s led me to meetings with General (Richard G.) Kaiser (with the Corps of Engineers),” Hosemann said. “It has led me to meetings with other people in the Corps of Engineers to start to focus on why Morganza is not being used. Why are we not using Morganza? There is some flexibility I think for the Corps to open that and diminish ours significantly, the flow coming over to the Mississippi. That’s what we’re about today. Our correspondence is questioning the Corps of Engineers on exactly why they didn’t open Morganza. What in fact is the situation, what do they need in order to operate Morganza in conjunction to the Bonnet Carre and quit sending so much water down our way.”

Hosemann will soon testify before the Mississippi River Commission about the impacts of the spillway and the issues it is causing the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

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