Horses healing veterans

Giving back to those who gave the country their all: that’s the main goal at Healing Reigns Equine Center in Ocean Springs.

United States Navy Veteran Gary Himes said, “We are all cooped up in a hospital all the time. All we do is play bingo and trivia and for us to get out of the building, get in a vehicle, and go somewhere, it’s really exciting for some of these people. It is all they have talked about. My friend Karen this morning, when I saw her, she goes ‘I’m so ecstatic that I get to go out and meet these horses’ and it has been a great time for all of us.”

Himes and a group of eight other veterans from the Biloxi VA had the chance to experience equine therapy today at Healing Reigns in Ocean Springs. “All of us veterans got to come out to this horse farm and meet all of the horses, pet them, feed them marshmallows, and get us out for a while so we could enjoy the day and enjoy this beautiful farm.”

This is the VA’s second visit to Healing Reigns, a place that Rocky Meadows and his wife started with the hopes to give back to veterans. “It is such an honor to come and help them with the healing aspects of their life. They all have different issues like the rest of us and something about the equine therapy is just good for everyone.”

Now that the program is off and running, Rocky Meadows plans to continue his equine therapy program for many years to come. “I see us doing this for as long as we can. We will actually need a bigger, better facility so preparation is easier and we can entertain better.”

If you or someone you know may be interested in equine therapy contact Healing Reigns at 228-623-1500.

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