Hope4Josh Foundation leukemia and ‘Be the Match’ awareness

Michigan native J. Michael Clough is the founder of the Hope4Josh Foundation, a nonprofit organization looking to bring chronic myelogenous leukemia and ‘Be the Match’ awareness to the Gulf Coast.

CML is a cancer that affects blood cells and bone marrow. He was inspired by his brother Josh who was diagnosed with CML in July 2016, looking for a match for a marrow transplant. It turned out Clough was a match for his brother and will travel to Michigan for the surgery over the weekend.

Clough wants to bring awareness to the “Be the Match” organization, a registry that expands access to bone marrow transplants. Over 490,000 potential donors are on the “Be the Match” registry. “I found out that a lot of people don’t have a family match for this donation type. So, I wanted to bring attention to it especially since, I was surprised to learn the registry is not really present here on the Gulf Coast. Since the Gulf Coast has become my adopted home, I wanted to do something to help the community. I wanted to bring awareness to the national registry.”

The Hope4Josh Foundation encourages potential donors to get free “Be the Match” kits where they can swab to see if they are eligible to donate. For more information on donations and the foundation visit www.H4J.ME/KIT.

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