The Hop In Convenience Store in Long Beach closed after car crashes into building

Employees in Long Beach are cleaning up today after their store was heavily damaged by a man driving a truck through it last night.

Cashier Joanna West said, “Well, we had a big truck try to make us a drive through. He came through the front windows, took out half the store.”

Employees of the Hop In Convenience Store in Long Beach are shaken up after what they say could have been a near-death experience. “It’s got me upset because if I wouldn’t have stopped and talked to her, I was standing there, right there, and that could have been me. It is still scary. It is.”

Video footage shows the truck driving right through the front of the store Monday night, barely missing a customer and two of the employees.

Store employees are unsure of why the man drove his vehicle through the store. “When we first heard it, we both looked towards the windows. At first, we honestly thought there was something going on outside. Then it sounded like an explosion and then it was just coming at us. We didn’t realize what it was until we got around the corner and noticed it was a big truck. There were things everywhere and it was just a horrendous noise.”

Store Manager Shelby Cervantez tells News 25 she hopes to have the store up and running soon. “It’s taken away from employees paychecks, income that we’re making from sales, from gas and product sales. So, it really does take a hit.”

The man who caused the damage left the scene in his truck.

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