Hometown Hero honored in D’Iberville

After Hurricane Katrina, Heather Eason found herself wanting some normalcy which inspired her to start Comeback Coolers.

Comeback Coolers is a charity that gives coolers filled with beer and other goodies to people affected by Hurricanes. Today, Eason was recognized by Hardee’s for all the good that she has done.

Meet Heather Eason from Ocean Springs. She’s a mother, she started her own charity, and now she is an official Hardee’s All Star. “I had no idea, so absolutely surprised and elated,” said Eason. “This is going to be extremely helpful for our cause and give us a boost to get started for whatever comes next.”

Although Heather is shocked that she received this award, those who know her best, think the title ‘All Star’ fits perfectly. Comeback Coolers secretary treasurer Dalis Landry said, “There were so many volunteers who knew she was well-deserving. She is the founder and backbone of Comeback Coolers. She works endlessly.”

Heather started her nonprofit Comeback Coolers in 2016 to help people affected by hurricanes. Now she has given away over one thousand coolers. “This is more than just the drinks that are in the coolers. This is about bringing people hope and to let people know that we care,” said Eason.

Only five other people from across the country have the honor of being a Hardee’s All-Star, this award goes to people who are making a huge difference in their community. Business marketing specialist Jack Rhodes said, “Her commitment to giving to those who have absolutely nothing and who have had everything taken away from them, giving them a shining hope, giving them a sense of normalcy.”

Along with the title, Heather also received a $10,000 check to continue to do great things with Comeback Coolers. “For us to know that this first trip, no matter where we go, that we are going to be able to make it, is huge for us,” said Eason.

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