Homeless Council holds inaugural meeting in Ocean Springs

Homelessness has been on a significant rise in the City of Ocean Springs over the past ten years and to help with the homeless population residents came together for their first homeless council meeting at City Hall.

The main focus at the meeting was trying to find a way for homeless people to thrive in Ocean Springs without affecting the local businesses in the area.

Several people suggested building local long-term housing facilities for the homeless.

The meeting allowed everyone to break out into small groups to develop a plan of action focusing on the downtown and east Ocean Springs area. Ocean Springs Homeless Council Chairman Joe Cloyd said, “Ultimately, the outcome is intended to help those that need and want help and are able to receive it that can get a job and can move into permanent housing. That’s ultimately what our community wants, but then there are those that are homeless that have drug issues or severe mental health issues that are in that population. We are going to identify those resources that are available to help those individuals that are creating impact on our community.”

Meeting attendee Nancy Snodgrass said, “I like to see resources put into place. We are going to have to start with the root of the problem, not just the homeless people being out there and saying ‘hey, they need a job.’ But things like for them to be able to get a job, they have to be able to get a driver’s license, a state I.D. and right now those resources are not available due to the fact that they are homeless.”

The Homeless Council is going to meet four more times before a report is generated and the sub-committees will meet in between.

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