Holy Trinity annual International Pastry Sale

For over 50 years, the Holy Trinity Church has hosted the largest Greek holiday festival. However, this year looked quite different.

It’s become a 50-year holiday tradition. The Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church hosts their annual bake sale.

Due to COVID, the church had to make some major changes to their annual Greek festival. Where there is normally dancing, music, and all different types of international foods for everyone to enjoy, this year was limited to baked pastries. There was an overwhelming number of online pre-ordered pastries.

Due to huge community turn out, the bake sale is extended over three days. Bake Sale Overseer Maria Loukatos said, “It used to be a one-day event with a festival and food. This year we concentrated only on the pastries. The response of the people is overwhelming and we’re so thankful. The festival brings people from everywhere in the Gulf Coast to us. When they hear Greek food, they love Greek food.”

There is not only Greek food. There is Romanian, Russian, Hungarian, German, and Ukrainian food as well.

Usually there are left over pastries for a second bake sale right before Christmas, but this year looks like everything will sell out.

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