Holiday Travel in Wake of Paris Attacks

This week, 46 million Americans will travel for Thanksgiving, 25 million of those by air. Are these travelers scared in the wake of the recent attacks in Paris and continued threats by ISIS?
The Department of Homeland Security maintains there are no credible threats anywhere in the U.S. Most of the travelers News 25 spoke with at the Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport said they are not scared to fly but say they did notice extra screenings during the check-in process.
Brennan Gilmore said, “When we were checking into Charlotte, the security was very tight. They were going through all the bags, screenings, pat downs, the whole nine yards. As frustrating as it is, it’s worth it.”
Morgan Collins said, “I mean, there is a threat of ISIS and all that and eventually something might happen but I don’t think it should hinder anybody from traveling.”
Nationwide TSA officials say to leave plenty of time at the airport and to expect long lines due to enhanced screenings.

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