Holiday shopping safety tips

Christmas time is a busy season for many retailers, but it’s also a busy season for thieves looking for easy targets.

Holiday thieves use the crowded and hectic atmosphere as a prime time to steal anything from merchandise off of shelves to purses off of shoulders.

Law enforcement says to make sure while shopping to park in well lit areas as close to your destination as possible.

Biloxi Police Chief John Miller says these safety tips are crucial while you’re out and about. Biloxi Chief of Police John Miller said, “Don’t make multiple trips to your car with lots of packages. That only alerts thieves. They may wait for you to come back. Put those packages and gifts in the trunk of the car. Don’t leave anything exposed inside the car that would-be thief could see. Even though you’re rushed and you have a thousand things on your mind, stay vigilant. Be aware of who’s around you. Try not to carry a purse or a wallet if possible. Put your credit card and money into your pocket.”

Police also say to avoid talking on the phone when walking through parking lots. It could make you seem vulnerable to robbers plus your cell phone itself can be another tempting target.

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