Holiday craft fair held today at St. Martin Community Center

The St. Martin Cedar Grove and Daisy Vestry Community Center hosted their holiday craft fair today.

This event gave shoppers a variety of unique gifts to shop for friends and family this holiday season.

This fair held about 30 different vendors who sold various homemade items such as clothes, home, decorations, produce, and more.

Lunch was served at the event as well for guests. The center is also a drop off location for the Santa Wears a Badge campaign.

Guests will be able to donate toys that would be given to children this Christmas season. Craft Fair vendor Priscilla Taylor said, “This is awesome to have this. It’s a small community arts fair. I was at the Jackson County Fair and we had a commercial exhibit out there, but this is a local people and it’s local shoppers and it’s just friends and neighbors coming together to share.”

The next fair will be held at East Central Community Center on December 3rd. The next fair held in St. Martin will be on January 5th.

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