History professors speaking out against Mississippi flag

A group of history professors from universities all over the state say it is time to take down the state flag.
An official statement regarding the state flag and events in Charlottesville is signed by a list of professors from Jackson State, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Millsaps, Southern Miss, and other universities in our state. The professors say now is the time to take the strongest of stands against white supremacy and remove the state flag.
Andrew Haley, a professor that signed the statement from the University of Southern Mississippi, tells News 25 more Mississippians need to know the history tied to the Confederate emblem. “That symbol has been used as part of protests against African Americans getting equal access to rights, to the ability to appear in court, to the ability to vote. It is a symbol tied to this horrible history and Mississippians deserve a flag that represents everyone.”
The full statement can be read here.

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