“History of Biloxi” film premiere

The Biloxi Visitors Center welcomed residents and guests of the Gulf Coast to witness history tonight.
The city’s museum division premiered a new short film called “The History of Biloxi.” The 11 minute film outlines the history of the city dating back to the 16th century with Spanish conquistadors.
The writer and researcher for the film, Dr. Deanne Stephens, is the associate dean of arts and letters at USM’s Gulf Park campus and she tells News 25 the importance of creating such a film. “The story is so important in that it has such a long history and we forget that we go back to Native American times with the Choctaws and we go about our everyday lives and all around us if you look carefully you might just get to see.”
If you missed the premiere tonight, but are hoping to watch the short film, it will play daily every 15 minutes at the Visitors Center Theater.

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