Historical Society of Gulfport meeting

The Historical Society of Gulfport is making it a mission to preserve local artifacts and history.

Tonight, the group met to discuss plans of turning two rooms in the Historic Railroad Depot in downtown Gulfport into a museum full to showcase exhibits, history, and the many stories of Gulfport residents both past and present.

The museum will have a soft opening the weekend of Cruisin’ the Coast on October 6th. The museum is scheduled to officially open its doors next spring.

Historical Society President Betty Shaw says this museum will be an important part of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. “We’ve worked on this for several years. We formed the Historical Society in 2011 after the storm and after a lot of things had been lost, but a lot of people still have things. It’s very important that we have this location because most of the other towns on the Coast have a location to celebrate the history of their town.”

The Historical Society is gathering items for the museum and also looking for new members. If you are interested contact the society by email at gulfporthistory@gmail.com.

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