Historical markers in D’Iberville

Something new for the City of D’Iberville may be making its mark soon, historical markers that is.

Ocean Springs Genealogical Society held a meeting tonight to discuss this possibility. There are already multiple locations in the D’Iberville area where these historical markers are placed.

Dale Greenwell, a local author, educator, and anthropologist, spoke at the meeting about his project for additional markers.

At this point, Dale and other members are just looking for funding for these historical markers which they think will really enrich D’Iberville. “D’iberville is an old town and there have been lots of changes there in the past and that gives you like a continuum into the past and into today’s time. I hope everybody realizes how important history is and goes out and sees them you know when they are over there strolling and seeing all of the neat things that D’iberville has to offer, that they think about that it is great today, but it has been great for a really long time.”

Other markers like this can be seen throughout the Gulf Coast in cities like Gulfport, Biloxi, and Ocean Springs since there is such a rich history.

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