Hiller Park in Biloxi receives new pollinator garden

Hiller Park in Biloxi got a new garden today that will bring life to the area.

The Mississippi Urban Forest Council dedicated a newly established pollinator garden this morning at 10 a.m.

The 1,400 square foot garden, which is situated in a grassy wetland swale right next to the children’s splash pad, is planted predominately with flowers that provide nectar or pollen for a range of pollinating insects.

Another benefit of this garden is it will provide enhanced treatment of runoff from the splash pad and adjacent upland areas, thereby improving water quality to the nearby Back Bay of Biloxi. LaSalle Consulting Owner Mark LaSalle said, “Pollinators are on the decline internationally really and certainly in the United States, so it is very important to our gardens, our crops, they are important to the ecosystems we all love and use. So, we need to find ways to support pollinators wherever we can because we have taken those habitats away from them and now they are in decline. So, we have to replace those and really try to find ways to support them.”

By next year, the garden should be self-sustaining and will receive the majority of its water from the splash pad runoff.

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