Highway 90 Down to One Lane in Pass Christian

Drivers were forced into one lane on Highway 90 in Pass Christian as crews cleared off sand from the roadway.
MDOT trucks scooped up the sand which has taken over the Coast roadways thanks to two days of strong winds. Now with the combined heavy rain, officials believe conditions were too dangerous for traffic to cross through the area. The slippery roads make it easier for cars to lose traction and hydroplane. Harrison County Emergency Management Director Rupert Lacy said, “Remember the roads are going to be uneven, you’re going to lose traction as you go over. If the water is standing, you’re not going to see that which could push you either into the median if you’re in the left lane or could push you over the sea wall on the right lane, we’ve had that happen before.”
Crews will return to clean up the remainder of the sand after the rain slows down.

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