High tech ovens coming to Crossroads Elementary

The cafeteria at Crossroads Elementary School in Gulfport will soon get a healthier and modern upgrade.
Deep fryers that have been in the school since the 1970s haven’t been used in years and will be replaced with high tech ovens all thanks to a grant funded by the Bower Foundation of Mississippi. The school currently has one high tech oven.
Because of high costs to buy the special equipment, the school has only been able to have the one, but now, with help of the Bower Foundation, they will be adding two more to the kitchen. Child Nutrition Director Brad Barlow said, “These pieces of equipment drastically reduce calories, fat, that sort of thing, as well as enhance the flavor of the food for the children. This piece of equipment has a pre-loaded hard drive with all of my recipes on it, ingredient listings, things like that. It really takes a lot of the guess work out of the cooking process, but not only that, the quality that comes out of this oven is absolutely amazing.”
The new ovens are expected to be installed and in full operation by early October.

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