High prices at the Jackson County Tax Collector Office

If you live in Jackson County you may dread getting your license plate tags renewed due to the high price.

Waiting in line at the tax collector’s office is never fun, getting a new license plate and tag can be expensive especially for Jackson County residents who pay more for plates and tags than most parts of our state. Jackson County resident Jason Broadhead said, “I don’t feel you should be paying $300 for an old tag.”

There is a reason the tags cost more in Jackson County than other areas. Jackson County Tax Collector Manager Lee Armstrong said, “The entire county of Harrison has a higher value so that allows them to be able to spread the tax burden further across the county. In our county it’s not quite valued as high. There are no casinos so we have to make up for it with our millage.”

If you have a newer or more expensive car you can expect to pay even more for your tags. “All vehicles are taxed based on their window sticker price minus their years until they have reached ten years old. At ten years, all vehicles are valued at $100,” said Lee.

If you still have one of the old Mississippi licenses plates you will be required to get a new state issued license plate sometime this year. “Specialty plates like school plates, wildlife plates, and retired plates do not need to be replaced, only the ones with the guitar on them,” said Lee.

When it comes time for you to replace your license plate you will switch from the plate with the guitar in the middle to the new one with the state seal. “If you don’t replace it and our new computer system should catch that, but if you don’t for some reason, if you are driving around with the wrong plate you can be ticketed.”

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