Hickory Hill Country Club offered free golf for veterans

To honor veterans, Hickory Hill Country Club in Gautier is hosting a day of free golfing for veterans.

Some veterans were up early this morning getting signed in and getting ready to enjoy a full day of golf. Breakfast burritos, donuts and bloody Mary’s were served up to get the veterans started.

Along with breakfast, a fish fry and pulled pork sandwiches were available for lunch.

A silent auction also took place and one veteran will have the chance to win the hole in one prize.  Hickory Hill Country Club General Manager Kevin Mack said, “Today is about the veterans of this community. What we are providing for them which is a platform for them to have a wonderful free enjoyable day where they get appreciated. That’s the most important thing for us today for Hickory Hills and the owners and staff to make them feel welcomed. That’s the most crucial thing about Veterans Day, we got to applaud what a lot of people gave up.”

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