Helping heart worm positive dogs

February is known for being the month of love. Now you can show your love for shelter animals by helping them get adopted.

Hansel is a seven-year-old Labrador retriever mix. He’s been at the Humane Society of South Mississippi since October. He’s one of their longest residents. He is also heartworm positive. Katie King with the HSSM said, “They typically stay at the shelter around four months longer than a heartworm negative dog.”

Mississippi has one of the highest rates of heartworm positive dogs in the country due to the warm climate. “Heartworms are transferred through mosquitoes which we all know we have a lot of those in South Mississippi. If you don’t have your pets on heartworm prevention than it just takes one bite and they can become heartworm positive.”

At the Humane Society of South Mississippi, 35 percent of the dogs that come into the shelter are heartworm positive. Right now, the shelter currently has 82 heartworm positive dogs. “So, on any given day, it can cost us around $30,000 if we were to treat each heartworm positive dog in the shelter. It is very costly.”

You can help these animals. February at the Humane Society is dedicated to the shelter’s heartworm positive dogs with their ‘Have a Heart’ promotion. “You can come in and donate $20 and add a bulb to our ‘lights of love’ strand or you can donate $5 to our ‘wall of love.’ It’s all above spreading the love in February and getting these heartworm positive dogs sponsorship treatments so they will be more likely to be adopted sooner rather than later.”

Donations through the ‘Have a Heart Fund’ are used exclusively for the treatment or sponsorship of heartworm positive dogs in the shelter.

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