Help for Fishermen Post BP Oil Spill

Fishermen like Tam Hyunh, whose language barriers have made it tougher to make a comeback after the BP Oil Spill are finding help from the Mississippi Coalition for Vietnamese Fisher Folk and Families.


 “One of the ways we help is through direct services or some emergency assistance funds. When we do get a small amount of funding or donations we’ll use it perhaps to help impact the fisherman that have faced economic hardships,” says Thao Vu, a representative of the coalition.


Huynh and other fishermen cannot afford deckhands; therefore, they will take any help they can get. Since the supply is low, coast seafood processors are able to give fishermen more per crab than ever before.


“We ship most of them out, out of the state. And they’re paying a lot more up there because they can’t get a supply of them.  The supply is way, way down so they’re paying more so we’re handing it over to the fishermen.  Try to help them out because the catch is so far down,” says Kendall Marquar of Pincher’s Seafood.


Before the BP Oil Spill, fishermen used to bring in over 600 pounds of crab a day. To help with the losses, the Mississippi Coalition for Vietnamese-American Fisherfolk and Families helps families compensate for the losses they are now seeing.


The coalition fights to bring everyone to the table – BP, scientists, and fishermen – to help find a solution.


“Finding ways through things like cooperative research to work with these communities, they could definitely greatly contribute to really helping to restore what needs to be done,” says Thao Vu of the Mississippi Coalition for Vietnamese Fisherfolk and Families.

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