Hearts of Art Camp at Walter Anderson Museum of Art

The Walter Anderson Museum of Art is hosting a camp this week that is very near and dear to their hearts.

The ‘Hearts of Art’ camp is designed for children with mild to moderate spectrum disorder, learning or development disabilities. The three day camp introduces the kids to various forms of art mediums, dance, and music.

This type of camp gives the children a chance to learn and be creative in a safe environment with kids just like them.

Organizer Heather Denison has a child with autism spectrum disorder, so she knows having this camp can mean so much. “I love to see my son being comfortable in this environment. There is no pressure if you need to take a break and walk away and come back. We are very encouraging, but to just see their expressive art form come out is just great to see that.”

They started this camp three years ago at the Walter Anderson Museum of Art and hope to keep it going to have a place where the kids can feel comfortable.

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