Healing in Biloxi

In Biloxi, community members rallied together for a racial healing circle, a meeting that they hope can spur the strengthening of relationships across the Gulf Coast.
The Steps Coalition and members of various organizations come together for these meetings regularly, forming a safe space inside there circle where they can break down important issues on a truly personal level. They also discuss ways to spread this process of connecting as individuals outside of their meetings. Roberta Avila with Steps Coalition said, “So much of the work that we do is very much in the mind space, very intellectual. This is really about connection with each other in terms of human beings, connecting with our common humanity.”
Yasin Shabazz with Hijra House said, “Nowadays there are a lot of different ethnic groups, there’s a much more diverse Mississippi, different religious groups obviously, religious differences, diversity that wasn’t there years ago and it’s so important because it will ensure that the future of Mississippi is inclusive.”
If you’re interested in attending these meetings, contact the Steps Coalition at 228-435-3113.

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