Hauntings on the Coast

Is the Mississippi Gulf Coast haunted and could these haunted wonders be parlayed into tourism dollars for our area? This was just one focal point at today’s meeting between local paranormal experts and the Pass Christian Historical Society.
Shadows caught on tape at the Beauvoir are just one of many clips gathered over the years by Mississippi’s Gulf Coast Paranormal team. Paranormal Investigator Shelly Saienny shares a similar experience in her own childhood home in D’Iberville. “All of a sudden there is this tall looked like a man standing in the door way between the living room and the kitchen.”
Saienny decided to become a part of the team that’s investigating what they call “living history.” On a Coast with such a rich historic background, these investigators say we are certainly not alone. Co-founder of Mississippi Gulf Coast Paranormal Lois Ellitt said, “There is fascinating personalities, fascinating properties, tragic stories.”
The Pass Christian Historical Society believes these spooky experiences and places can be transferred into real-time tourism dollars. The group focused on this at Monday’s meeting and also caught a glimpse of how these paranormal investigators collect science based data with various pieces of equipment. “These cemeteries are active all year long. That they could meet some of the political people that helped build this area into what it is today,” said Ellitt.
These two groups are discussing a partnership in hopes of luring more people to the Coast. Chair for the Pass Christian Historical Society Tom Shellenut said, “It’s worth coming here to see historical things and if some of that history is paranormal then so be it.”
At the historical society museum there is a book about hauntings on the Coast. You can take a look and decide what’s real yourself because investigators say things on the Coast are not always what they appear to be. “People don’t believe because they haven’t experienced it. I’ve experienced it. It’s real. You know, to us it’s real,” said Saienny.

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