Hattiesburg Officer Vigil

Two fallen police officers will be remembered not for the way they died, but the legacy of hard work and dedication they left behind.
Officer Benjamin Deen was named Officer of the Year in 2012 after saving a family from a burning house. His brothers in blue say he wore the badge with honor.
“I wish I could have another hundred just like him. He inspires me. And he’s going to continue to do that. He may not be here physically, but he’s always going to be in my heart,” said Assistant Chief of the Hattiesburg Police Department, Frank Misenhelter.
Then there’s Officer Liqouri Tate, who wanted to be a cop more than anything else. He was always smiling, his fellow officers called his personality infectious.
“Upon graduation, I made a promise to myself,” said Misenhelter, “I went to find Tate and I said ‘you need to do me a favor.’ And he said ‘yes, sir, what would it be?’ I said ‘Don’t ever stop smiling. Every time you smile and I see you, you make me happy. If you do that to everybody, you’re going to be okay.”
For Officers Tate and Deen’s families as well as the Hattiesburg Police Department, today’s vigil is just the first step in healing. While the pain of losing someone they adore will never go away, the hundreds who came out to honor their memory is a welcome comfort.

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