Harrison County Utility Authority meeting

In just one month, Team Waste will be the new trash provider for some areas of Harrison County except for Gulfport.
Earlier today, the Harrison County Utility Authority filed a lawsuit against the City of Gulfport for breaking its garbage contract.
Last month, Gulfport signed a new six year contract with Waste Pro. This lawsuit is seeking millions of dollars in damages which is way more than what the utility authority asked for a reimbursement when Gulfport decided to drop out of the contract.
The utility authority is holding consecutive meetings to inform residents on their new trash provider, Team Waste, and did not comment on the lawsuit with Gulfport. HCUA Executive Director Donald Scharr said, “We’re making a big emphasis on recycling and we’re providing larger recycle bins and covered carts and wheels and so we’re trying to do some public outreach and education on what can and can’t be recycled.”
Saucier Resident George Drieling said, “They’re offering rubbish pickup along with the household garbage and then the recycling bins look like a big plus, be able to bring more curbside.”
Team Waste will be providing garbage and recycling pickup and Pelican Waste will be providing the debris and other trash pickup once a week. Their service will be starting October 1st.

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