Harrison County storm damage

One of the hardest hit areas on the Coast was from Gulfport to Biloxi. Meteorologist Payton Malone went out to survey the damage and has the story.
In a matter of days, Hurricane Nate traveled at record speed from the Caribbean Sea to the Mississippi Gulf Coast where it made landfall near Keesler Air Force Base. Harrison County and Jackson County took the brunt of the storm as the eye passed over Gulfport and Biloxi, but that record breaking speed could be what saved South Mississippi. Harrison County EMA Director Rupert Lacy said, “As we looked, it was here and as we shook our heads, it was gone which really saved a lot of damage, especially to our homeowners, our resident citizens of Harrison County. “
Storm surge was forecasted to be the primary threat and that’s exactly what South Mississippi saw. Storm surge waters flooded across most of Highway 90 along the Coast, including at Iberville Drive where it was at least waist deep. The highest storm surge was measured in Harrison County just above ten and a half feet, but surge wasn’t the only destruction Hurricane Nate brought to the Mississippi Gulf Coast.
Most places across South Mississippi didn’t have any structural damage, but a business on Iberville Drive in Biloxi did have its roof peeled off as reported winds over 70 MPH moved through the area. Across the street residents saw damage to their apartments. Biloxi Resident Roxannie Brown said, “I was laying down asleep and I heard something come through and shook the whole building and jumped up and said I wonder what was that and all this came down.”
One Biloxi resident is lucky to be alive after a tree fell on his house on the corner of Clower Street and Irish Hill Drive. Biloxi Resident Tom Loveless said, “It wasn’t until I surveyed all this damage yesterday that I realized how close that came to just squishing me like a bug.”

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