Harrison County Sheriff Candidates Prepare for Runoff

Voters will head to the polls tomorrow to vote in a runoff election for Harrison County sheriff. The seat is currently held by Melvin Brisolara but will opponent Troy Peterson take that from him?
Early this morning, Harrison County Sheriff Melvin Brisolara tended to some business at the jail. Come tomorrow, residents will cast their votes in a runoff to decide whether he or the department’s Head of Narcotics Troy Peterson will be the county’s top law enforcement officer.
“The difference between the two candidates here is our experience,” said Brisolara, “and where our experience is, you know. My experience is in the administration side. I’ve got eight years of being sheriff. I know what I need to be a good sheriff.”
While Brisolara is hoping voters will see his commitment to the community for the last eight years, Peterson says he would bring more transparency to the office of sheriff. “Grass roots, we’ve touched the people and I think that’s what the people want. We’ve explained to the people, what the truth is what they want and it is public safety. It’s public safety, integrity, honesty and just keeping a safer community.”
With the upcoming runoff election, both Brisolara and Peterson are getting the word out about what they want to see when holding the position as sheriff. Better law enforcement is on the list for both of them.
Brisolara is encouraging voters to get out there and vote tomorrow. “As far as I’m concerned, the past three weeks have been a new race and we are running it that way. You know, we got to get people out to vote.”
Peterson said, “Both of us want the same job. I think I want it a little bit more.”
News 25 will keep you up to date on all the elections being held tomorrow.

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