Harrison County Sheriff Candidates Discuss Agendas

On August 25th there could be a new sheriff in town.
Today, Melvin Brisolara joined Troy Peterson at USM’S Long Beach campus to talk about the items that top their agendas. The Mississippi Gulf Coast Chamber of Commerce and Coast Young Professionals hosted the event.
Training, transparency, criminal violence: just three of the topics discussed at today’s forum.
Troy Peterson said his main focus was accreditation.“So, get the jail accredited, patrol accredited to where agency is more transparent, to where third party audits can come in, where people can come in to look at what we’ve done and what we have. What it does is it shows, brings every other agency on one level.”
Incumbent Melvin Brisolara has a different view on accreditation. “Apparently, they weren’t doing something right because it went to hell pretty quick. That’s when the U.S. Justice Department came in and took control. So the accreditation, something was drastically wrong with the accreditation program back then.”
Brisolara tells News 25 he would rather focus on increasing training and equipment in light of recent events happening in the country.
Now that the 20 year consent decree is lifted, both candidates have a very different vision for the future of the sheriff’s office. One thing they both agree on is getting the inmate work center back up and running. “We’re losing a lot by not having the inmates to clean up the highways, to be at the courthouse to clean it up, to go to the social functions for churches and different organizations. They help out there,” said Peterson. Brisolara said, “That gives the cities and the county a chance to take the money they have been spending to get these jobs done and put it in other areas where it’s needed. So, it’s going to be a win-win situation for everybody.”
The winner of the August 25th runoff will be the new sheriff since there is no Democratic candidate.
The final numbers of the primary election put Peterson narrowly ahead with 48.5 percent of the vote to Brisolara’s with 47.5 percent.

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