Harrison County School District and William Carey offering ‘Grow your Own’ agreement

In an effort to end the shortage of teachers in our state, the Harrison County School District and William Carey University partnered up today, signing a ‘Grow your Own’ agreement.

The agreement allows for selected Harrison County High School students to fast track their careers to becoming teachers.

These students will take a combination of dual enrollment classes and be granted tuition waivers.

The ‘Grow your Own’ program allows for students to graduate from WCU with a bachelor’s degree in elementary education in just three years and includes employment as a teacher’s assistant after only one year of college. William Carey University Executive Vice President Dr. Ben Burnett said, “We want to start working with them while they’re in high school to make sure that the dual credit classes they’re taking will help advance them and allow them to finish college earlier so they’ll have less debt get in the workforce earlier and make an immediate impact.”

By the third year of college, students will have earned 131 credit hours and graduate with a bachelor’s degree in elementary education.

Participating school districts agree to give hiring preference for teaching positions when possible to ‘Grow your Own’ WCU graduates.

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