Harrison County holds Cardboard Recycle Day

Harrison County hosted their third annual Cardboard Recycle Day Saturday, allowing residents to get rid of excess Christmas cardboard.

Now that people have enjoyed the holidays and the year is coming to an end, Harrison County wants to help Long Beach residents recycle. Harrison County Utility Authority Solid Waste Coordinator Allan Lane said, “After every Christmas there is always a ton of cardboard influx from shipment being made, people buying online especially now with COVID-19.”

Three years ago, Harrison County Utility Authority started Cardboard Recycling Day. Lane tells News 25 the purpose of cardboard recycling. “It’s a good idea to recycle. It keeps it out of the landfill. It is taken to a recycle center where it is sent to plants and mills to reuse the product.”

With an influx of online shopping, many residents are relieved that they are able to bring their cardboard boxes to a recycle location. Long Beach resident Sue Hoffman said, “It’s a wonderful opportunity to be able to recycle. We are big recyclers so we try to recycle everything we can. To have a place we can actually bring cardboard and know it is going to be recycled and not put in a landfill is so important.”

Having multiple recycling locations on the Coast motivates residents to recycle. Long Beach resident Steve Gaines said, “This was a lot more convenient and I am a person of convenience. It is nice that the city is doing this.”

Harrison County Utility Authority offers cardboard recycling the Saturday after Christmas every year.

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