Harrison County Healthy Wage Challenge

Ten teams in the Harrison County School District are working hard to shed those unwanted pounds as they compete in the Healthy Wage School Challenge.

West Wortham Elementary and Middle School has two teams participating in the Healthy Wage Challenge. West Wortham is one of 115 schools across the nation selected to take part in the Healthy Wage Challenge.

The challenge is a three-month challenge where teams of five compete to win cash prizes from $1,500 up to $10,000.

First grade teacher Jennifer Walker tells News 25 that joining the challenge has made it fun to lose weight. “We have been joining together as a team encouraging each other, supporting each other. We actually make lunches for each other. We take a day. There is five of us on a team so each person takes a day and we use healthy recipes we use a lot of Weight Watchers recipes. We have a healthy lunch everyday and all that encouragement and that bonding it actually makes losing weight a lot easier.”

The teams at West Wortham Elementary and Middle School says even if they don’t win the grand prize the idea is just to get and stay healthy.

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