Harrison County Fire Rescue adds new life-saving equipment

Harrison County Fire Rescue added new life-saving equipment to their toolbox: video laryngoscopes. These are safer and faster than their manual laryngoscopes.

This equipment is ideal for managing critical patients with airway issues. With the camera, it’s easier for paramedics to see where to put a tube into someone who is not breathing and add air in their lungs. The camera also helps speed up the process.

Paramedics are typically administering these in very stressful situations, like on the side of the road or by a river. Harrison County Battalion Chief Mark Holley said, “You can cut a board with a hand saw or a skill saw. They both get the job done, but this is the skill saw. This makes it much easier and much faster and most importantly more accurate.”

Harrison County Deputy Chief Russell Shoultz said, “It allows us to insert a small camera into the air way to see where we need to put the tube successfully. It really saves seconds, even minutes in these life saving situations.”

Harrison County Fire normally responds to situations having to use critical airway management six to eight times a month

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