Harrison County fire crews battling brush fire

For the past three days, crews have been battling a brush fire that broke out in central Harrison County on Saturday and it’s ongoing hot spots sparking more fires throughout the area although the massive brush fire from the weekend has been contained and extinguished.

Harrison County Homeowner Kenneth Saucier said, “They work tirelessly out here. We noticed Saturday there was a fire across the tracks.”

Kenneth Saucier has deep roots in this part of Harrison County. He and his family have lived in this area just south of I-10 and west of Canal Road for more than 50 years so they weren’t too concerned when a brush fire broke out near their home on Saturday.

That fire was put out, only to spark back up again Sunday, forcing dozens of residents in the area to evacuate for several hours as firefighters fought to protect their homes and property. Harrison County Fire Marshal Pat Sullivan said, “It had a lot of fuel. There was a lot of woods and underbrush that the fire was able to utilize for fuel, and with the high winds and dry conditions, the fire basically blew up.”

“The firefighters that were on scene did a phenomenal job of keeping it from damaging anyone’s property. The Forestry Service out here, doing what they do, bringing in extra people. They brought tractors in from two to three hours away. They brought extra manpower, realizing it was so large. Everybody working together made this thing work.”

Residents returned to their homes late Sunday, but several small fires broke out again in the area Monday morning. Through team work these threats were extinguished, but fire fighters are keeping an eye out round the clock throughout the area to snuff out more potential threats, like the small fire that broke out on Tillman Road midday Monday.

So far no one has been killed or injured and firefighters have managed to protect the properties in the area, something that hasn’t gone unnoticed by those who work and live here. “As far as I’m concerned, they saved my home and I’ve still got a place to live, that means a lot to me and my family.”

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