Harrison County Family Looks for Justice

Imagine saving thousands of dollars to buy your first car, then after you’ve already bought the car, it turns out it was stolen, your car is towed away and you lose all your money. This exact situation happened to one teenager and his family in Saucier. News 25’s Bryan Kennedy sat down with that family to get their story.
Sadie and Jason Hebert sit here now feeling victimized, but only two weeks ago they were excited when their son, 17-year-old Ethan Hebert, had saved up to buy his own car on Craigslist. The 2008 Chevy Impala was priced at $3,000. Ethan’s father followed several steps before purchasing. “When I met with him, I checked to make sure the VIN number on the title matched the VIN number on the car. The original key and key fob to do the remote start was from the original.”
After test driving the car, the family gave the man the money. It wasn’t until Sadie and Ethan went to get new tags and switch the title that things took a turn for the worse. “We got all the way to that point and she came back and said it was a stolen vehicle and we needed to contact authorities,” said Sadie.
The car’s salesman was caught on surveillance video when he met Jason to sell him the car. “It was horrible. My son’s face, seeing him like that, because he was so happy and then he was just devastated.”
While it was after the fact, the Hebert’s did find one way to safeguard from buying a stolen vehicle and they want you to know about it. You can do that by simply hopping on to www.nicb.org, the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s website. Scroll down to “VIN check” and then type in the car’s VIN number and all insurance claims or stolen car reports will appear. Lt. Christopher De Back with the Biloxi Police Department said, “They can ask to see the person’s driver’s license to insure that same name on the driver’s license is the same name that the person is providing them.”
The Herbert’s also suggest having the salesman meet you at the DMV to switch the title on the spot.
For now, the Herbert’s hope to bring the man suspected of selling them a stolen car to justice.
If you have any information, please call the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division and ask for Sergeant Jeff Smith at 228-769-3063.

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