Harrison County deputy speaks out after rescue

A quick response let one man leave with his life from what could have been a fatal accident.

“There’s really no training that can prepare you for something like that. I just happened to be at the right place at the right time.” This is how Harrison County Deputy Chris Allen described his part in a life or death situation he was faced with on Tuesday night.

A driver ran the stop sign at the intersection of County Farm Road and Robinson Road. Following severe weather, the roads were wet so the driver lost control and then overturned into a nearby pond. Luckily, a passerby saw it all go down and called police. “I was probably about two minutes away which gave a good response time,” said Allen.

Deputy Allen tells News 25 he was alone when he arrived and saw the car almost completely submerged in the water. He heard the sound of someone trying to kick out the window in the car so he knew he had to act fast. “I took my gear off and jumped in, grabbed my flashlight and I knocked the back passenger side window out and once I knocked the window out. He still didn’t realize the window was out so he kept kicking and knocking water in my face. I grabbed him by the foot and was yelling at him ‘hey, I’m here’ and I was able to pull him out.”

Once the victim and his small dog were out of the water and pulled to safety, more units arrived to help Allen. “I really didn’t think about much. It was kind of just reaction, getting in there and trying to get whoever was in there out. More of an adrenaline rush than anything. I’m just happy that I was there at the time I was and was able to help the guy out.”

The hero he became after this rescue he says is all in a day’s work. Allen credits his fellow law enforcement on the Coast who saves lives on a daily basis. “All along the Gulf Coast law enforcement officers are out there risking their lives and trying to help and save people.”

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