Harrison County deputies connect with community at ‘Donuts with a Deputy’

This morning, Harrison County deputies enjoyed eating breakfast with people in the community.

During ‘Donuts with a Deputy’ all were welcomed to head over to the Lyman Senior Center, enjoy a pastry, hot cup of coffee, and strike up a conversation with a law enforcement officer.

Harrison County Deputy Chief Ron Pullen was thrilled to have a networking event like this again so multiple departments could better connect with the people they serve in a comfortable setting.

For Harrison County deputies, they enjoyed showing everyone behind the badge they’re just people, too. Sgt. Beth Victoriano said, “It shouldn’t be where every time you meet a local law enforcement officer you feel anxiety or paranoia. You should know that we’re members of the community. You should be able to talk to us like we’re people just like you are. The goal is to be able to have normal conversation without feeling like you’re going to be in trouble.”

Because of the pandemic, it’s been some time since the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department had an event like ‘Donuts with a Deputy.’

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