Harrison County bond informational meeting

One of many informational meetings regarding the Harrison County bond issue took place at West Harrison High School.

Parents from Harrison County gathered at the cafeteria at West Harrison High School to stay informed about the future of their children. One of the main topics during the meeting was overcrowding within the district and implementing a feeder system for schools. Resident Fran Gates said, “It gives us some synergy with the different athletic programs, the band, the choir. It’s good for the programs.”

Harrison County District 2 Supervisor Angel Middleton said, “We have 30 kids in a class. That’s way too many. We have 36 portable buildings that we are using. We need the room and we need it now.”

The topic of no tax increase also came up at the meeting. Parents questioned where the funds from the $55 million bond will come from. Executive committee for Citizens to Better Education in Harrison County School District Alfred Sexton said, “Once people understand that we have one bond that’s rolling off and it is just going to roll within that bond then they understand. They understand the process behind it.”

Chairperson for Citizens to Better Education in Harrison County School District Sherry Washburn said, “When we start talking about the details of the bond issue, all it does is benefit the 15,000 kids in the Harrison County School District.”

Biloxi and Gulfport city councils wanted to delay the bond referendum as they believed this could affect students in their district. “I hope that nobody lets the politics muddy the water on this because the issue is our kids,” said Middleton.

Harrison County School District Superintendent Roy Gill said, “I do not want to let this cloud the judgment of the bond. It has nothing to do with the bond issue. Respectfully, that’s another issue for another day.”

If you missed this informational meeting, you will have three other opportunities to learn more on the bond:

  • October 24th: River Oaks Elementary at 5:30
  • October 29th: Lyman Elementary at 6 p.m.
  • November 1st: D’Iberville High School at 6 p.m.
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