Harrison Co. Gets Infrared Monitor to Help in Searches

The Harrison County Sheriff’s Department has been approved to purchase a new piece of equipment to help in finding missing or fleeing persons.

Last week, the sheriff’s department was searching for Joshua Ladner, who had fled a motor vehicle crash. Officers, helicopters, and K9 dogs were combing through a field off of Mennonite Road for Ladner. In cases like these, a large infrared monitor can make the search much easier for police. The sheriff’s department previously used a smaller infrared screen, but it was difficult to discern between people and animals.

Major Vandy Mitchell of the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department says, “You have to remember, out in these areas you see everything from coons to deer. It’s not as easy as you think to spot some of these people in the woods.”

The sheriff’s department will purchase the lowest quote monitor for about $3,400. The department hopes this investment will help in securing the safety of our neighborhoods.

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