Harrison Central High students explore career options

With the school year back in high gear, high school seniors will be preparing for graduation before you know it.
Teachers at Harrison Central are working hard with their students to be better prepared after high school. The Win Job Center on the Gulf Coast teamed up with Harrison Central High School business classes to explore career opportunities. From military to on the job training positions and even secondary career options to best fit the students’ needs.
One Harrison County teacher tells News 25 the main reason behind this important preparation. Business Communications Teacher Pam Keller said, “When the kids walk across the stage they are all excited, just go across the stage, that makes me grown, but a lot of them don’t understand when you walk off the stage, there’s something else. Boom, life has just hit you in the face. You’ve just joined life. A lot of them don’t realize you have to move on from that, you have to move on afterwards.”
Keller told News 25 that many students were able to find their career paths and further their goals through this event.

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