Harco Youth Courts Nearing Completion

The new Harrison County Youth courts building in Biloxi is nearing completion. Crews have been out over the past few months, converting the old Harrison County health building into the new courts. The move from Gulfport to Biloxi will mean the juvenile detention center and courts will be only feet away from each other. This move saving the county hundreds of thousands of dollars. Currently benches are being installed. Youth Court judge Margaret alphonso tells News 25, “The next big thing they are waiting on is office space for court employees.” Judge Margaret Alfonso, Harrison County Youth Courts right now what we’re waiting on is the little metal building that they ordered for the extra office space, it should be in any day. The permits I was just told this morning are being pulled. So we are excited. It all been done by primarily by county workers; Mike Wilson and his crew. It looks fantastic,” Judge Alfonso tells News 25, the courts are set to make the big move mid October.

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