How to Handle Traffic Stops

As cellphone video continues to emerge from two separate and fatal police-involved shootings, News 25’s Hank Davis spoke with local police officers about what it takes to keep a traffic stop from escalating into a tense situation.
Two situations gone bad and both captured by cellphone have added to the very serious discussion of police accountability. With today’s technology, nothing goes unseen. Bystanders now have the ability to record the actions of an officer in the field freely. “In Mississippi, there are no laws currently that say we cannot tape a police officer. There’s nothing on the books that says we cannot do it. Almost all the police officers have body cameras, automobile cameras. It doesn’t make a whole lot of difference if a citizen is videotaping what a police officer is doing because they’re already being videotaped by police themselves,” said Attorney Michael Crosby.
Local law enforcement say they don’t mind being filmed on the job, but they do have a message for anyone who might be stopped in their car or on the street. “We just ask people to understand that we’re doing a job. We’re going to stop you for some observed violation,” said Lt. Mike Brumley with Biloxi PD.
Once you roll your window down, keep your hands on the steering wheel and visible at all times and avoid sudden, sporadic movement. Wait to reach for your license and registration until asked.
Gulfport Police Department also has an important message for any gun owners carrying legally. Sergeant Damon McDaniel said, “If you do have a firearm in the vehicle, let that officer, let that trooper, let that deputy, let any law enforcement person dealing with you at the time of the stop know that you have a weapon in the vehicle.”

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