Hancock Co. Fair Continues Through Saturday

The Hancock County Fair has been going on since Wednesday, but things really pick up this weekend. The fair is the place to be in Hancock County this weekend.

Gracie Graham, a 5th grader, tells News 25 how she won her stuffed dolphin. Graham says, "I popped a balloon and I won this, then I tried to win a bunny, but it didn’t work."

This is the second fair the county has had since Hurricane Katrina, and Graham’s dad, Kevin, thinks it’s a good way to socialize. Kevin says, "It’s good for the community to be involved in fairs because everybody gets to come out and have a good time and kids get to meet other kids."

Some of the most interesting people you’ll find at the fair are the employees, who travel the country, bringing the fair to your town. Robert Buchin, a fair employee, says, "I enjoy the travel. I enjoy talking and meeting with people. I’m a people person. I enjoy making little kids happy."

One thing that always makes kids happy are rides, which are in no short supply at this fair. If rides and slides aren’t your thing, there’s plenty else to do at the Hancock County Fair. Kevin Ladner, Recreation Director for Hancock County, says, "Tomorrow night, the music starts about 4:30. We’ve got four bands, the Back Porch Band, Chase Tyler, Brian Austin."

Little Texas headlines the event Saturday night, but you can’t miss cow patty bingo! Ladner also says, "You buy a square, we put the cow in the pin, and you’ve got your square, and where ever the cow drops his patty, you win half the pot."

If all that isn’t enough for you to do, there’s a rodeo where you can see a demonstration from Gaits of Success, a local therapy group introducing special needs kids and adults to horses.

Carolyn Rhodes, Director of Gaits of Success, closes, "It looks like it’s going to be a family oriented fun place to be, especially the rodeo is going to provide the youth and young adults the opportunity to compete in this safe environment."

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