Hall of Famer, Ray Guy, Responds to Ray Rice Incident

Wednesday, 12 House of Representatives sent a letter to N.F.L. Commissioner, Roger Goodell, demanding "the highest level of transparency" concerning how the league investigated the Ray Rice domestic violence incident.

After disturbing video of Ray Rice knocking out his now wife was released by TMZ, Rice has been fired from the Baltimore Ravens, suspended indefinitely by the N.F.L., and dropped by his endorsements. Hall of Famer, Ray Guy, says Rice needs to step up and take responsibility for his actions. Guy says, “You do something wrong, you take the penalty, you serve it because you did something wrong regardless of who started it or whatever.”

Guy tells News 25 it’s obvious Rice was in the wrong, but that athletes and celebrities alike need to realize they are in the public eye and are held to a higher standard. Guy also says, “Just because you’re in that situation or that stardom, that doesn’t give you the right to just put yourself way above somebody else and do what you want to do knowing, ‘Well, I’ll get off.’ What are you telling the generation, go ahead and do it?”

Goodell is under fire for his handling of the situation. Goodell denies having ever seen the full video, which is why he originally only gave Rice a two game suspension. Goodell admitted he made the wrong call. Guy says the league needs to get a handle on the situation.

Guy closes, “I think the league should intervene anyway. I think they should get on this now because they have to control this. They have to control this.”

The N.F.L. now has an automatic six game suspension for players involved in domestic violence offenses.

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