Hair salons reopen for business in Mississippi

It’s the moment many have been waiting for: the chance to indulge in a new hairstyle or haircut.

“Your clients become your friend. So, we definitely miss all of her friends and are ready for them to be back.” Sentiments felt by hair care professionals throughout the state as Governor Tate Reeves gave the green light to reopen barber shops, hair and nail salons, effective Monday. Gov. Reeves said, “We are placing strict health rules on salons and barbers and allowing them to reopen.”

Krystal Ben is the owner of Hair Fetish Beauty Bar in Biloxi. She says with the new health rules customers will get a different experience than before. “We’re gonna take all the precautions that we need to before opening. Before you come in, you have to have a mask, you have to use hand sanitizer before even touching the handle coming in. The doors will stay locked and we will let everyone in according to who comes to the door.”

Governor Reeve’s decision to reopen salons is an effort to start restoring the livelihoods of the small businesses, owners, and their employees. “This was a really big lesson for any entrepreneur, hair, nails, cut hair, or whatever it is because people save, but nobody really saves up for a three-month unpaid vacation. So, it’s different versus working somewhere where you get time in versus we work and we put our own money in. So, it’s kind of hard for us when we’re taking time off because we have to schedule that accordingly. So, when this came in, it blindsided everybody because nobody was prepared,” said Ben.

Salon Bella Co-Owner Janice Owens said, “Misty and I spent the entire weekend making sure we had all of the governor, mayors, and state board regulations and recommendations in place. So, that took quite a bit of time to get all that done. Then we had a meeting with all of our coworkers this morning. We went through everything with them, signage, what we can expect, how to keep all of us safe, and keep our clients safe as well.”

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