Gun sales spike across the nation amid Coronavirus pandemic

Nationwide gun purchases are sky rocketing as the Coronavirus continues to spread.

At High Caliber Guns in Long Beach, there were long lines of people purchasing fire arms and ammunition in light of the Coronavirus pandemic.

This local gun shop saw gun sales start to spike Wednesday and store owners say sales only grew as the weekend approached.

Stephen Hansen says they’ve sold about 80,000 rounds of ammunition and more than 100 guns each day.

Hansen says they have no plans on running out though the guns are heading out the door almost as soon as they hit the shelf. “We do expect to see it go as far as our supply goes. We got news on Friday and Saturday that our distributors were out of guns and ammunition. What helps with us is we are direct, unlike a lot of other gun venues on the Coast, so we do have that option of ordering guns direct. We have guns on the way. We just came back from a huge show in Phoenix which we expect an 18-wheeler to show up with ammo and guns literally any day now.”

News 25’s Victoria Bailey will have the full story tonight.

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