Gun safety pointers with Center Mass LLC

In the wake of recent shootings and firearms accidents along the Coast, News 25 spoke with Center Mass Firearms Training to get some safety pointers.

Many guns have a safety switch, but the most reliable safety is your trigger discipline.

It’s one of the lessons Ian Stewart and Jason Savarese teach at Center Mass Firearms Training. They teach adult and children’s classes – and while some people may take issue with exposing children to firearms, it’s better to be safe than sorry, they believe.

Last week, 14-year-old Alexis Pierson died in what officials called a family’s worst nightmare. In Bayside Park in Hancock County, she was shot by another child who’d found a gun. The bullet struck her below the left eye, killing her instantly.

Guns are everywhere; thus, firearms trainers say exposure and education are keys to safety. Savarese said, “If they have some training with guns, and a healthy respect for that, because you’ve talked to them about it and taken them to the gun range, I think they’re less likely to get hurt with it if they encounter that situation where someone brings a gun to their house.”

A child as young as six might be playing “Call of Duty,” having knowledge of what a gun is but not grasping what it’s capable of. Stewart said, “So you can start off with a, ‘Don’t ever touch it, this is only for adults, don’t go around it, and that’s a good opener, and good way to start when they’re young. But as they get older you need to have some sort of introduction.”

A good solution is to buy a gun safe. Gun safes are cheap – and Savarese says it’s imperative to get one if there’s a firearm in the house.

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