Gulfport water bills to increase beginning Oct. 1

Gulfport residents using city water, sewer and garbage collection will see an increase in their bills beginning Oct. 1, the city announced Monday.

Water and sewer are billed by household use, while garbage collection is a flat fee.

Beginning Oct. 1, Garbage collection will go from $16.80 to $16.86.

Water use will go from $5.20 for 1,000 gallons per billing cycle to $5.40, while sewage charges for the same 1,000 gallons will go from $9.40 for collection and $7.84 for treatment to $9.80 for collection and $7.84 for treatment.

The total bill from the City of Gulfport for that same 1,000 gallons per billing cycle will go from $39.24 to $39.90, a change of .66 cents.

According to the city, the average use for a household is 2,000 gallons per billing cycle, making the average bill $39.90 a month.

A household using 5,000 gallons per billing cycle will seen an increase from $74.26 to $75.82, a change of $1.56.

The rate increase originally was scheduled to take effect in October 2020, but the city held off until this year.


Rate Chart


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