Gulfport veteran concerned over repeat burglaries at his home

A Gulfport veteran is raising concerns after experiencing several burglaries over the last 18 months.

Freddie Moore is a Gulfport veteran whose home located on Monroe Street has been burglarized seven times in the past 18 months. His home was built by his father in 1949 and he’s lived there off and on his entire life.

In the last year and a half, Moore’s home has been burglarized repeatedly while he’s away at a veteran’s program in Louisiana. “They allow you to take passes and come home and the first time I stayed away for about six to eight months and came home to look at my property and it had been burglarized.”

Moore is now on high alert and is asking for help from his community. He says he does have his family and friends watching the home when he’s away, but it’s just not enough.

Freddie has tried to protect his home the best way he knows how. “I’ve tried to bolt some windows up and that hasn’t deterred them. They still bust the window pane out and come into my home and just willfully take whatever they want and need.”

Several windows have been broken, some of them twice. His back door has been busted open and everything from his mother’s living room furniture to bed frames and mattresses have been stolen. “They took it so far to take my central air outside unit.”

With help from the community, Moore hopes to get relief from burglars and security for his family home. “I consulted Gulfport Police Department and they only took reports. Hopefully somebody knows somebody that has broken into my home and hopefully I can get some help.”

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