Gulfport Singing River hosts students for Career Exploration Day

Biloxi High School’s medical science class was invited to spend the day at Gulfport Singing River Hospital.

Biloxi High students are seeing their future careers in action. Each of these health science students expressed an interest in the medical field. To help them choose the best fit, Singing River Gulfport invited them to spend a day at the hospital. Chief Nursing Officer and Interim Administrator Heather Rowley said, “You know, when you’re in high school and before, you just don’t know what all is out there available to you in your career. You don’t know until you get out and you actually start asking questions and investigating. I shared with the students this morning that most people think hospital, you think nurse, you think doctor, but there are so many other people that we have to have to run the facility.”

This career exploration day is meant to show students the hundreds of different types of jobs available in the health field.

Being able to see what they’re learning in the classroom applied to the hospital has actually been able to help many students when choosing their future careers.

Senior Letuntre Ingram told News 25 that seeing the hospital has broadened her idea of the health field. “So, I’m still kind of like exploring options. Right now, I’m going for nursing, and just like seeing the different jobs they have here. It’s been like, ‘Oh, do I want to change my mind and do something different’. It’s been a really cool experience to see the different jobs.”

After a tour of the facility, staff from each department gave a presentation and answered the students’ questions. Now, these students can walk out feeling a little more confident in their career decisions.

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